Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
NameRichard TALBOTT [28]
Birth10 Dec 1636
Deathca 1663, Poplar Knowle, Maryland
Deathca 1703
ChildrenElizabeth (ca1656-)
 Richard (ca1657-ca1670)
 Edward (1658-)
 John (ca1660-)
Notes for Richard TALBOTT
Bought Poplar Knowle, a plantation on West River, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, thenceforth made it his home.

Of his parents or age, of any former residence, occupation or associates, of his political or religious views, nothing has been learned. With the exception of his offspring, nothing has been learned of any of his kindred. But slight mention has been made of him in any of the Maryland records. We have from them the knowledge that he was a landholder, that he married the daughter of a neighboring planter, and his will.

The plantation on which he settled, on the northwest bank of West River, and extending about a mile inland (near the Town of Galesville, a landing of the Chesepeake Bay steamboats, and now divided by the road leading to it), contained two hundred and sixty acres, and had been laid out four years earlier by John Brown, Christopher Rowles, and Richard Moseby, planters. It was between two branches (then called Brown's and Bachelor's branches) of the river, and adjoined the plantation of Major Richard Ewen, one of the leaders of the Puritan Party in Maryland. The neighborhood was but little south of the center of the Puritan Colony, whose members, some exiled from Virginia, some coming directly from the Mother Country, had settled on the unoccupied lands hereabout (bounding on the bay and its tributaries) and with no neighbors but the Indians, in 1649 and the years following, had since steadily grown in numbers and influence.

"The well-known English Talbot Family deduces its descent from a period antecedent to the Conquest, John, Lord Talbot of Edesfeld, Crede Hall, Long Hope, and of Wormesley by Hereford, was followed by Phelyp, Lord Talbot, and he by Gylbert, Lord Talbot, and he by Richard, Lord Talbot, whose daughter and heir married John, Lord Talbot, of Normandy, who came into England with the Conquerer; and their son, Fowlke Talbot; was followed by John, Lord Talbot, and he by John Lord Talbot,and he by Gylbert, Lord Talbot, and he by Richard, Lord Talbot, and he by Gilbert Lord Talbot, and he by Richard Lord Talbot, and.he by John Lord Talbot, first Earl of Shrewsbury, The last named, born 1390, was killed in France, for his 'rare success in arms.' The original escutcheon of the Norman family was abendy of ten, argent and gules, Gilbert Talbot, a descendant in 8th generation, of the Talbot who accompanied King William from Normandy, was the governor of several castles, and married Gwendolyn, dau. of King of South Wales. thenceforth, he abandoned his family arms, and adopted the Welch Royal Arms: a lion raopant on a field gules, with a bordure engrailed, which his descendents have ever since borne. A branch of the family, the Talbots of Malahide, which has possessed its castle and lordship on the seacoast near Dublin, Ireland, for nearly 700 years, has continued to bear the original arms." — from Talbot Family History.

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