Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
NameIsaac PFAFF
Birth25 Apr 1755
Death13 Jun 1832
BurialBethania, Stokes County, NC
Birth27 Sep 1760
Death4 Jun 1851
BurialBethania, Stokes County, NC
FatherAndreas VOLCK Jr. (1722-1790)
MotherMaria Margaretha ROMIG (1722-1804)
Marriage31 Jul 1781, Surry County, NC
ChildrenMaria Margaretha (1787-1880)
 Christian (1795-1883)
 Rebecca (1797-)
 Anna Catharina (1802-)
 Anna Maria (1786-1786)
Notes for Isaac PFAFF
Listed among men resident in Friedberg 1775-1783 (Records 4:1924).

See his father's notes for efforts to get him excused from military service in 1776.

3:1112. March 26, 1776. A scouting party took rifles and flint-locks fromthose of our Brethren who lived in Rowan County.
March 27. The same was done with the Brethren living in Surry County, and John Hartmann and Isaac Pfaff were obliged to take the guns to Valentine Frey's.

May 5. The Act of Parliament was read to the Communicant Brethren. Br. Pfaff was minded to go to Salisbury, to try to regain his gun, but was advised not to do this, as it might harm all of us.

4:1725. July 11, 1781. Pfaff sends word that his son is planning to marry Margaretha, eldest daughter of Andreas Volk, to which we have no objection.

Aug. 1. Yesterday Isaac Pfaff was married to Margaretha Volk by Michael Hauser, Justice, near Bethania.

6:2684. June 16, 1801. A very severe storm passed near us. At the home of Isaac Pfaff, three miles from here , lightning struck the shed and killed two horses. Fortunately it was a cold flash, and did not set the shed on fire. At the home of Joseph Pfaff, a short mile from here, it struck and splintered a tree about forty paces from the dwelling.
July 5, 1825. I rode to Isaac Pfaff to see him on business, and found him with his brother Peter and his son Christian at the lime oven.

This reference positively identifies Christian as Isaac's son, and also clarifies that the Peter to whom most of the vol. 8 references are made is Isaac's brother, not Joseph's son.

July 31, 1831. Br. and Sr. Bechler and Br. and Sr. Benzien were in Pfafftown where Br. Isaac and Sr. Margaretha Pfaff - members of Bethania - celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Br. Bechler preached a sermon appropriate to the occasion. Many members and friends attended.

This occasion is also mentioned on p. 4004, which notes that Br. and Sr. PFaff were in good health and cheerful. His age is 77 and hers 71.

March 31, 1832. Br. Isaac Pfaff is sick with a cold.
April 21. Visited father Isaac Pfaff, who seems to be worse. Since the first of the year he has suffered from asthma, which seems to be causedc by heart trouble and cannot be helped.
May 3. ...visited father Isaac PFaff and found him surprisingly better.
May 29. Visited again Br. and Sr. Isaac Pfaff. He is in a sad condition with great difficulty in breathing.
June 7. When I returned from Salem I was called to see Br. Isaac Pfaff, who had had a bad day and night. When towards morning he seemed to be better, I went back home, but in the afternoon (June 8) at his request I returned to give him the Holy Communion.
June 12. Visited Br. Isaac Pfaff and found him a little better but still very weak.
8:4054. June 13. Visited Br. and Sr. Jacob Schor and John Milller and found them well. At the latter place I heard that at 1:30 in the afternoon Br. Isaac Pfaff fell peacefully asleep.
June 14. Went in the afternoon to Pfafftown.
June 15. At 10 o'clock there was the well-attended funeral of the departed Br. Pfaff. It was necessary to bury the corpse early in the morning because it would not keep on account of the hot weather. He was 77 years and 7 weeks old. The German text was" "Selig sind, die zum Abendmahl des Lammes berufen sind." English: I have fought a good fight"

June 15. The funeral service of the Married Brother, Isaac PFaff, was held in Bethania. He was the oldest male member of that congregation; died June 13 at the age of 77 years, 7 weeks. He was a model Christian and an adornment of the Church. The esteem in which he was held in all the srrounding country was evident in the large gathering for the service.
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