Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
NameSamuel BUTZ
Birth31 May 1754
Death20 Feb 1813
FatherJohann Friederich ROMIG (1714-1783)
MotherCatharina SIEGFRIED (1719-1793)
Marriage13 Dec 1774
Notes for Samuel BUTZ
History of Berks County, PA pg 710-711 1909

1909, Berks County, PA


Among relics owned by this old and honored family of Berks county, is a Bible, in excellent condition, now in the possession of Mrs. Fianna (Butz) Bertolet, who has willed it to her son, Dr. M. Bertolet of Mt Penn, PA. This Bible was brought to American by John Butz who is 1737, landed at Philadelphia with his two children, Peter and Catharine. John Butz came to this country from Hertzogberg near Kromanenberg in the lower part of Bavaria. John Butz died Feb 23, 1750 in Philadelphia.

This same old Bible shows that Peter Butz (son of John ) was married Oct 22, 1743 to Anna Barbara Carl, who was born in Hessen-Nassau, Germany and they had these children: Mary (1744); Caroline (1746); John (1747); Samuel (1750); Peter (1754); Elizabeth (1758); and Anna (1761). Peter Butz died in 1780, aged 61 years, 8 mos and 25 days. His wife died Mar 6, 1795, aged 76 and 4 months.

Samuel Butz, son of Peter, was born in Longswamp Twp, Berks Co, Aug 10, 1750. On Dec 13, 1774, he married Anna Mary Romig, born May 31, 1754, died Feb 21, 1813 and they had children: Peter, born Oct. 29, 1775; Catharine, Mar 25, 1777; John Apr 27 1779; Susanna Mar 6, 1781; Esther, Dec 29, 1783; Elizabeth, Nov 28, 1788 (died Oct 31, 1791); Mary Apr 5, 1793. Samuel Butz died Aug 17, 1821 aged 71 years, 7 days.

John Butz, son of Samuel, was born Apr 27, 1779, and died Aug 19, 1874, aged 95 years 3 mos and 22 days. The place of his birth was the same as that of his father, the homestead in Longswamp Twp. In 1806 he married Anna Yaeger, of Oley Twp, who died Aug 24, 1828, aged 40 yrs 8 mos and 14 days and they had 8 children but only three grew to any age; Nathan, Jacob and Anna Maria. In 1828 the Butz family Bible came into the hands of John Butz who highly cherished it. This very valuable volume was printed in 1704, and is in an excellent state of preservation. It contains the family records, and is of great value.

Jacob Butz, son of John, was married May 25, 1828 to Elizabeth Christman, born May 28, 1809 died Nov 19. 1895, aged 86 years 5 mos and 21 days, daughter of Peter and Margaret Christman. The children born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Butz were: Daniel C., born in 1831; John Peter in 1833 (deceased); Franklin in 1835; Fianna, in 1837; Henry A, in 1839 (deceased); Susanna, in 1841 (deceased); Catherine, in 1848, and Jacob in 1851 (deceased).

Daniel C Butz, an aged resident of Oley Twp was born in Longswamp Twp, Berks Co, Aug 26, 1831, a son of Jacob Butz. He was reared to farm work, and has always been a farmer. He began working for himself upon the homestead farm of 134 acres he now occupies in 1860, and farmed this property until 1897 when he retired, and during his active life he was very successful. On the property is a spring of excellent water. The present barn was built by John Bertolet, as well as the stone residence, the latter being over 100 years old. The barn is a very large one, being 103 x 42, and the spring water runs through the structure thus simplifying the watering of the stock. Mr. Butz lives in a house on the farm built by his father in 1860. At present Mr. Butz rents the farm, but lives upon it and enjoys his declining years, surrounded by the plenty he has himself accumulated. Mr. Butz is a member of Oley Reformed church and was a deacon for 5 years. Mrs. Butz belongs to the Lutheran church.

On Oct 18, 1859, Mr. Butz was married to Susan D. Hoch, a daughter of Jacob and Catherine (DeTurck) Hoch of Oley Twp. Mr. and Mrs. Butz have a daughter, Mary m. William Marquette, who is now deceased. Mrs. Marquette resides at Friedensburn and has these children - Ida, Nora, Sallie, Samuel, George and Mabel. Mr. Butz and his wife dispense a charming hospitality that makes their home a favorite gatherin place for all their relatives and friends. In addition to other interests Mr. Butz is a stockholder in the creamery at Yellow House.

Peter Butz, grandfather of Lewis B Butz, was born in Longswamp Twp. Oct 29, 1775, son of Samuel and Anna Mary (Romig) but when still young, removed to Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co. He was a very efficient blacksmith and made gun barrels and all kinds of cutlery, as well as farming a large farm he owned. He is buried at Unionville church. He and wife, Susanna Bieber, had children: Samuel, lived in North Whitehall Twp, and had children, William (deceased), Peter, Louisa and Katie; Egedius; Enoch, a farmer, also lived in N Whitehall Twp and had a daughter Sarah.

Egedius Butz, father of Lewis B Butz, was born in N Whitehall Twp, Sept 30 1805, and died in Maxatawny Twp May 28, 1890 aged 84 years, 7 mos and 28 days. The following inscription is found on the tombstone erected to the memory of Egedius Butz and wife:

“Egedius Butz
Sept. 30, 1805
May 28 1890
84 yrs 7 mos 28 day
Elizabeth born Bieber
July 10, 1810
Oct 16, 1877
67 yrs 3 mos 6 days”

Egedius Butz came to Maxatawny Twp when a young man, soon after his marriage, he marrying a young lady from Maxatawny Twp which perhaps had something to do with his selection of this township as his place of residence. His wife was Elizabeth Bieber, and they had these children: Abraham died young; Mary m. David Kemp; Susanna died young; Fianna died young; Lovina m Caston Hoover; Lewis B; Sarah m Henry Kohler; Peter died at the age of 21 yrs.; Louisa m Jerry Levan; Elizabeth m William De Turck; Carolina m Daniel Sheradin; Clara is unmarried and Elmira m Henry Roth.

Lewis B Butz, son of Egedius and Elizabeth was born in Maxatawny Twp Jan 27, 1837. He was reared a farmer, and made that his life work until his retirement in 1900, having commenced farming for himself when 21. He now owns a fine farm of 100 acres, which was once the property of Egedius Butz and earlier belonged to Abraham Bieber Mr. Butz made a success of his farming operations, but now rents his property and lives in retirement near the Normal School on the Eastern Road which has been his home since 1892. Mr. Butz has taken a deep interest in educational matters, serving as school directo for many years. At present he is trustee of the Keystone State Normal School and has held that office since the organization of the school. He represents the stockholders and has the honor of being the oldest living member of the board. He also was much interested in the erection of the present church of St. Paul’s Reformed congregation in 1876, serving on the building committee and conributing generously toware the necessary fund. He and his family are members of this church of which he has been both deacon and elder, and he is regarded as one of the pillars of the church and among its most liberal contributors. In politics Mr. Butz is a Democrat, and he has held many of the elective offices of the township.

On Nov 17 1857, Mr. Butz married Catherine Kieffer daughter of Jonathan and Fannie (Shirey) Kieffer and granddaughter of Abraham and Lizzie (Sebert) Kieffer. The children born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B Butz were: Amos A. of Kutztown who has a son, Herbert; John E. born July 7, 1862, and died Apr 1, 1902, leaving a daugher, Elsie; Ella C., m. to Seldon Gernert, of Allentown; Alfred, of Philadelphia, m. to Lillian Garrett, and has a son, John Alfred; Ida, m. to William R. Smith of Philadelphia.

Such families as this are a credit to Berks county. Its representatives are men of substance, who have borne their part in the development and advancement of their several communities.

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