Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Birthca 1542
Death5 Jul 1639, Buchenegg
ChildrenHeini (1569-1628)

The earliest known authentic information of the Blickensderfer family in America is contained in the land titles in the government archives of the city of Speyer, the capital of the Palatinate or Rheinish province of the kingdom of Bavaria, in Germany. These records state that on August 20, 1711, the Elector John William sold and conveyed a certain "Kohlacher Estate on the Rehehuette," situated in the Schifferstadt sub-division of the Electorate of Speyer, containing about 60 morgen (morgen - 1 1/8 acres) of grain land and 6 morgen of meadow, to a certain John Hey, his wife and heirs, in consideration of 150 florins paid in hand, and of a rental of 29 malter (malter = 19 bushels) of rye and 10 malter of oats to be paid annually on St. Martin's Day (11th November).

April 27, 1713, this estate was transferred to a certain Ulrich Schneider, who, on February 12, 1716, received permission of the Electoral Palatinate Court to convey the same to the "Anabaptist" Blickensderfer, or Pleickensdoerffer, as the name is there written.

This estate has ever since remained in the possession of descendants of the "Anabaptist", and is now owned and occupied by members of the family.

The given name of the "Anabaptist" unfortunately does not appear in the records, nor is there any further account of his ancestry. Tradition says the Blickensderfers originally came from Switzerland, being disciples of Menuo Simons , and were expelled from that country on account of their religious tenets. There is an old place in Switzerland, near the city of Zug, called Blickensderfer, but it is now only a small hamlet. However, the fact of the existence of this old dorf of this name and the fact that many Blickensderfers still reside in this vicinity lends credence to the tradition.
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