Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
NameJane Wolle RONTHALER
Birth11 Jul 1846, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Death25 Sep 1879, Hope, Indiana
MotherMaria WOLLE (1819-1893)
Birth26 Oct 1843
FatherJacob BLICKENSDERFER (1816-1899)
MotherMaria Louise TSHUDY (1822-1888)
ChildrenFrancis J.
 Grace Margaret (1872-1953)
Notes for Jane Wolle RONTHALER
“Jane Wolle Ronthaler: b. July 11, 1846, Philadelphia, PA d. September 25, 1879, Hope, IN. Mother of Jane: Maria Wolle:b. November 7, 1819, Nazareth, PA d. August 31, 1893, Bethlehem, PA. Married Emanuel Ronthaler, Jr., June 11, 1839, Bethlehem, PA. Father of Jane: Emmanuel Ronthaler, Jr.: b.June 28, 1815, York, PA. d. November 30 ,1848, Philadelphia, PA. Grandmother of Jane: Sabina Henry: b.August 4, 1792, Nazareth, PA. d. March 22, 1859, Bethlehem, PA. Married John Frederick Wolle, September 28, 1809, Nazareth, PA. Grandfather of Jane: John Frederick Wolle: b.November 20, 1785, Betheny, St. Johns, W.I. d. April 24, 1850, Bethlehem, PA. Great grandmother of Jane: Sabina Scropp: b. November 5, 1759, Nazareth, PA. d. May 9, 1848, Nazareth, PA. Married William Henry, Jr. November 22, 1781, Nazareth, PA. Great grandfather of Jane: William Henry, Jr.:b. March 12, 1757, Lancaster, PA. d. April 4, 1821, Nazareth, PA. Great great grandmother of Jane: Ann Wood: b. January 21, 1732, Burlington, NJ. Married William Henry, Sr. January 1755, Lancaster, PA. Great great grandfather of Jane: William Henry, Sr.:b. May 19, 1729, Chester County, PA. d. December 15, 1786, Lancaster, PA. These facts are documented in the Archives of the Moravian Church Northern Division in Bethlehem, PA. Jane is my great grandmother.

“The sender, John M. Blickensderfer (”
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