Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Blickensderfer and related families - Person Sheet
Birth25 Apr 1726, Kohlhof, Palatinate, Germany
Deathaft 1800
FatherHans Jakob BLICKENSDOERFER (1694-1738)
Birthca 1730
Deathca 1771
ChildrenJohn (1755-1816)
 Catherine (1759-1833)
Notes for Johannes BLICKENSDÖRFER
Also known as Blickensdörfer, Pleak and Stalver, and Pleak. Arrived in Philadelphia 9 Sep 1749 on the St. Andrew, with his brother Ulrich.

Johannes resided in the Meadow Creek / Little River area of present-day Montgomery Co, VA.

His descendants generally use the last name of Pleak.


From Russel Bragg (

The first documentation of John's life in America was found in a letter to his sister-in-law, Eva, at The Kohlhof, dated 1774, from Meadow Creek, Virginia. The location of this town is not known, but the letter states that his wife had died three years before after being an invalid for three years from acute rheumatism. He and his two children were apparently in good health. He acknowledged the receipt of 90 gulden sent him through his brother, Christian, as part of his inheritance from the paternal estate. In 1776, during the Revolutionary War, he was visited by his brother, Yost, who was then living in Frederick County, MD. Yost's descendants placed John's residence on the Holston river, in "South" Carolina. This apparently was an error as this area must have been in what was then called Western North Carolina and which later became a part of Washington County, TN. Apparently only one son was then living, John, who later may have gone west with his younger brother, Ulrich, on board the "St. Andrew" with James Abercrombie, Master, which sailed from Rotterdam via Plymouth. He probably remained for some time in Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland as large numbers of Palatinates were then settling in Lancaster and York counties, Pennsylvania, and Frederick County, Maryland. Rhineland Emigrants gives 1748 as the year of their immigration.


Immigration: 09 Sep 1749, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA Record Change: 22 Jul 2006

**Hans Jakob Blickensdoerfer
Born 1694 in Switzerland
Son of Hans Jacob Bliegensdorfer*** and Barbara UNKNOWN
Born 1665
Son of Hans Jagli Blinkersdorfer**** and Catharina Schnebeli
Born September 30, 1630 in Baldenheim, Alsace, France
Son of Hans Jacob Blinkersdorfer***** and Verena Huber
Born June 11, 1598 in Stallikon
Son of Heini Blinkersdorfer****** and Ursula Muller

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